Next-Gen Sequencing

OncoPath Genomics provides high-quality genomic prognostic and predictive Services for the Personalized Medicine arena to Enable Better Management of Cancer Patients.

Serving researchers at academic, pharmaceutical, clinical, biotechnology, and government institutions, OncoPath Genomics specializes in cancer translation research applications.

OncoPath’s RNA and DNA Illumina technology platform -NextGen  DNA/RNA sequencing – together with our state-of-the-art NSG facilities, provides best in class science that can be applied for a wide variety of applications including measuring endpoints of key importance in gene regulation and the resulting biological effects.

Next-Gen DNA Sequencing

  • Whole genome
  • Exome
  • DNA ChIP
  • Mitochondrial DNA

RNA Sequencing Services

  • Whole transcriptome or mRNA
  • Small RNA

Custom NGS Services

  • Design, development and validation of custom panels
  • Ex: Lung cancer panel

Other Gene Expression Service

  • Affymetrix Gene Chip arrays, TaqMan and SYBR Green QPCR assays

Other SNP Services

  •  Affymetrix arrays and TaqMan QPCR assays

Other Molecular Biological  Services

  •  Available for translational research. Contact for specific details

Bioinformatics Support

  • Next Generation DNA and RNA sequencing data analysis

Clinical Research Training

  • Wet lab training to use NGS and Affymetrix platforms.


Biomarker Discovery

Biomarkers are key molecules that are responsible for a sign of normal or abnormal process or condition of disease.

OncoPath Genomics  has the capability and expertise for the identification and  characterization of Nucleic Acid-based Biomarkers.


Next-Gen DNA/RNA Sequencing, qPCR and Microarray (SNP Genotyping and Expression Analysis)


Identification and cataloging genetic variations associated with cancer

Identification and validation of  gene expression signature patterns


Companion Diagnostics

  • Companion diagnostics promote personalized medicine for the improvement of patient care.
  • During drug development it helps to identify the patients who  are likely to respond to a particular type of drug, hence it eliminates those who are susceptible to high levels of toxicity.
  • Higher success rates, faster regulatory approval and lower the drug development costs.
  • OncoPath works closely with its partners to develop customized companion diagnostics tests to address a number of risks and challenges associated in drug development.

Services 1:  Patient Stratification

  • Stratification of patients based on their genomic content.

Services 2: Early Phase Biomarker Discovery

  • Large-Scale Biomarker screening can be performed with different platforms depending on the scope of the project.   

Services 3: Latter Phase Biomarker Validation

  • Nucleic Acid Biomarkers discovered during early phase can be validated in more patents population.

 Services 4: Monitoring cancer progression

  • Biomarker monitoring services in order to detect genetic changes in an individual as a disease progresses.
  • To provide important information regarding treatment efficacy.

Why OncoPath Genomics?

  1. More than 15 years of expertise in cancer genomics research.
  2. Reliable and cost effective services to support  small business needs.
  3. High quality services with quick turn around time.
  4. World class bioinformatics support for your data analysis needs.